We Have a Payment Plan

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Yep - We Do

Spoiler Alert: Yes

Budgets Suck

But seriously, they do. There are plenty of game engine options out there to choose from, but what are your options for creating a trailer?

  1. Do it yourself (because you aren’t busy doing anything else, right? Say….game dev?)
  2. Hire someone on craigslist to do it. No one has ever had a bad time going that route.
  3. Convince a student or someone who’s learning video editing to do it for cheap.
  4. Get a well done and professional quality trailer, and have zero money left for actual game development.

So basically you can use your valuable game dev time doing something other than game dev to save your budget, hire someone that you’ll have no confidence in and therefore have to stress while you micromanage them, or use your entire budget on getting something of quality.

We have the ‘Goldilocks’ option

You can still get that professional quality trailer without getting hit by the costs all at once. Winter Fox offers a “Pay When You Ship” payment plan option for your game trailer and video production needs. Here’s how it works:Foxy Lady

  • You’ll make a deposit to get on the schedule and your trailer underway.
  • We go through the entire process: concept, scriptwriting, game capture, graphic creation, editing, voice over, sound design, and anything else you might need
  • You get the final product and can use the trailer or promo for your marketing right away
  • Once your game starts earning revenue, you begin the payment plan of equal monthly payments to finish paying off the remaining balance as well as an additional month to cover accrued costs
    • Kickstarter
    • Early access
    • Release
    • Etc

Is this Payment Plan For Me?

PWYS is ideal for those who need marketing materials to sell their game by sticking out from the others in this overly-saturated marketplace. It’s for those who need an option for obtaining a trailer or promo that doesn’t use their own valuable time or the entire development budget.

This plan isn’t going to be for everyone. If you would like to use our service and can pay for it all up front (50% to start and 50% upon completion), then you’ll save a bit of money overall.

 Contact us today to ask us about our “Pay When You Ship” payment option

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