How Much Does a Game Trailer Cost?

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How much $$$

Chances are that a game trailer will fit into your budget. It all just depends on what you would like to go into it.


Knowing what your game trailer will cost…

While an important question, “How much will my game trailer cost” is about as easy to answer succinctly as “How much does a house cost?”. The answer is the same for both: It depends on what you need and what you want from it. That is not the answer you want, I know. You want a hard dollar amount or some sort of chart that you can use to find a close range. Even to get a ballpark number, you would need to contact a production company that specializes in game trailers like Winter Fox to discuss the details of your game. Here are some quick guidelines on what affects the project’s costs and how to discuss the budget with your chosen production company.

Pricing a Trailer

The reason it’s so difficult (and basically impossible) to price a game trailer is because there are a ton of variables. If you go into a Lamborghini dealership and ask how much a car is, you’re going to get a vastly different answer than if you went into a Honda dealership. They’re both cars and they both get the job done but in very different ways. The same can be said for video production.

You can go with the “Lamborghini” and get a 2-minute video full of custom 3d animations, gameplay footage interweaved with live action 4k footage scripted and shot specifically for your trailer, graphics composited on top of the 4k footage (a la Iron Man interacting with his augmented reality UI), an original soundtrack written by a composer, and all original sound effects -OR- you can get the “A-to-B” and get 15 seconds of gameplay footage with no effects, a single graphic for the game logo/splash screen, and stock music. If you need a simple solution, I’m not going to quote you the “Lamborghini” price, and vice versa.

Game Trailer Cost Influencers

A quick list of some things that can affect production cost.

I’ve been car shopping before…

When you get to the point that you decide you need a game trailer or promo, you’ve likely already got a budget that you want to stay within. Though you would prefer to come in under that amount, you have already decided what your limit is. When you approach a game trailer company about costs, you put yourself in the same mindset as you would when buying a new car – you’re hesitant to give them that max number. “Even if they can do it for cheaper, the project will just so happen to cost that much,” you think.

You Should Feel Comfortable

Upon meeting with a production company for the first time, they will ask what your budget is. It’s very important that you feel comfortable enough to tell them this information; at least a range. It’s one of the big pieces of information that we use to figure out the best approach to take with your project. There are a TON of possible solutions for every video; all with different associated costs. Some are very budget-conscious and others can be more costly. The goal for you and the production company should not be to spend your entire budget because it’s what you’ve set aside for this project but to find a solution that squeezes every ounce of potential out of your project in the most cost-efficient way while staying within your budget.

When interested in buying a house, you speak to a Realtor. They always want to know two things; What do you need in a house and what’s your budget? When you tell your Realtor that you need a 1600 sq/ft, 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house, and your budget is a million dollars, your Realtor would let you know that you don’t need to spend anywhere close to a million dollars to get a house that meets that description. At least, any Realtor that has an ounce of integrity in them and would like to stay in business would tell you that. Your production company should be the same way.

Let’s Talk Budget

If you come to me and tell me what kind of video you’re looking for and you have a $10,000 budget to do it with, I’m going to give you a few solutions to choose from. I’ll give you the fully-loaded version that may use your entire budget if I feel that it’s appropriate for what you need. I will also offer you other solutions that fit your needs, but with fewer bells and whistles. This way you can see what’s going into your project, what is affecting the cost of it the most and allows you to make an informed decision on how much of your budget you use.

Contact us about your project today and we’ll create a solution that fits you.

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