What We Do

We’ve got your back

Game Capture

Video Games

We can capture a wide variety of gameplay footage – PC, console, and even Mobile Games in full HD quality. With top of the line equipment, you can be sure that your game will be shown off with optimal settings and framerates smoother than the bottom of James Brown’s shoes.

Table Top Games

On the tabletop side of things – since we won’t have a digital platform to demonstrate the games on, we instead design a video production around your game using a staged play area, actors (to play the game), and/or your game’s digital art and assets combined with the video footage – depending on the needs of your game.

Video Editing

Our award winning editors aren’t only video editing ninjas – they’re great storytellers too. Backed by top of the line gaming rigs and editing suites, our editors are readily equipped to handle any workload.

Productions Services

Whether live events (like a gaming convention) or on-set production services (such as a behind the scenes documentary), we have you covered. Our equipment allows us to capture stunning HD footage and our production experience allows us to do it skillfully while also preparing us to adapt to handle the toughest of challenges.

Graphics & VFX

Sometimes, using only game footage or video clips is not appropriate or possible. Whether a graphics-only briefing video or just adding a few graphic flourishes for your trailer, we can use motion graphics to excite your audience. Motion Graphics can consist of visual effects, animated text and graphic elements, or even bringing life to your concept art.